Matches and competitions are where our products shine, since it’s one of the key places where shooters can get their hands on our riflescopes and experience the high quality glass and construction that our brand is now known for.

It’s extremely important to us to support the shootings sports community in Canada, and beyond, and one of the ways to do that is to sponsor as many events and shooters as possible. 

If you see one of our TEAM APEX shooters below at a match, make sure to ask them to check out the optic on their rifle. We can guarantee that they’d be more than happy to show it to you!


Mike Friesen

Mike has been shooting precision rifle since 2008. He has tried to participate in every precision or tactical rifle competition he can find around Western Canada. 

He has enjoyed all types of shooting, but precision rifles have always been his passion. He is currently shooting PRS style matches and have started competing in ELR matches as of 2021.

He love competing, but also really enjoys teaching and expanding the sport. If he can help someone out, share some gear to make life easier for someone, or just help them learn something that he had to learn the hard way, that’s what he enjoys the most about our shooting sport.

Mike is a 17 year veteran of a major police service in Western Canada.



PRS: Curtis Custom Vector
ELR: Curtis Custom Helix


ELR: KRG Whiskey 3


PRS: 6mm Creedmoor
ELR: 300 PRC




Apex Optics Rival 4-32×56


MDT CkyePod, IBI Muzzle Brake, Hellfire Muzzle Brake, TriggerTech Diamond Triggers

Jeff Scobie

Southern Saskatchewan resident born and raised. Jeff started coyote hunting in 2012 and instantly fell in love with everything about it. He says that missing his fair share of coyotes with the rifle early in his coyote calling career created a strong desire to get better on the rifle and hit more targets when prone shooting wasn’t an option.

He shot his first club level Long Range Precision Rifle match in 2017 and was hooked instantly! Since then he has competed in both Centerfire and Rimfire Precision Rifle matches and enjoys both Individual and Team events. 

Jeff is one half of the Predator World Hunting team, with his shooting hunting partner Kris also a member of Team Apex.

He has had the pleasure of traveling to the U.S. for PRS, NRL, and NRL Hunter events and plans on continuing to do so.

Jeff’s Pro Tip:

If you have never shot a match before and are apprehensive about trying, find a club local to you and come out and watch or help R.O. the match. You will learn a lot and meet the most amazing group of like-minded individuals no matter which match you attend. Most competitors are always willing to help you out with tips as well as let you look/touch/try their gear. It will save you thousands in the long run when you get the right gear the first time that is proven to work when you need it most!

Kris Haughian

An avid hunter, primarily a passionate die-hard predator/coyote hunter for over 25 years.

Kris is the other half of the Predator World Hunting team, shooting together for the past 5 years.

Kris built his first competition rifle 3 years ago and got bit by the bug.  Now an active competitor in precision rifle competitive shooting and loving every minute of it. 

COMPETITIVE SHOOTING: Going into his 3rd year of PRS & NRLHunter precision rifle competitions in both centerfire and rimfire disciplines



Tikka T3/T1X Actions




20BR, 6BRA, 6.5 CM, .223AI, 7 SAUM and 22LR




Apex Optics Rival 4-32×56


MDT Standard and Triple-Pull CkyePods, Area419 Match and APA FatBastard Muzzle Brakes

Kris’ Pro Tip:

There is no substitute for trigger time and time spent in the field…. Get out there!

Matt Murphy

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Matt grew up an avid hunter, fisher and target shooter! His love for hunting started at a young age whether it was calling coyotes, chasing whitetail or tracking moose through the dense wilderness of northern Ontario.

The drive to develop his skills and knowledge led to working in the firearms industry for a number of years. It was there that he was introduced to a long range precision rifle course, taught by Keith Cunningham and Linda Miller. Under their guidance, the knowledge and the skills he acquired directed him down the path that of competitive shooting in multiple Canadian Series of precision rimfire with the goal of expanding into centerfire competitions.

Matt’s Pro Tip:

The first bit of advice I have is if you’ve ever wanted to try a precision rifle match but you’re on the fence or hesitant about it, don’t be!

I can attest to the fact that there isn’t a more welcoming, friendly and helpful group of individuals then of those in the PRS crowd! Just show up, and I guarantee you’ll have blast! The second would be trigger time. If it happens to be dry fire or live fire it doesn’t matter. No amount of reading will teach you what you will learning in actual trigger time!

Keri Monsour

Kerri shot her first rifle when she was 14 years old in Air Cadets and seemed to take to if fairly well. She really enjoyed it, but didn’t really shoot much more until she was in her thirties.

She started getting into shooting sports even more after her husband Shane started EM Precision Rifles.

She started attending precision rifle events in 2010 and would shoot for fun, and even participated in a couple of 3-Gun events. She’s been shooting PRS style matches since 2019, and has been sponsored by EM Precision since 2020. She is very excited be participating in her first ELR match this year with Team EM, and is looking forward to trying a new shooting discipline.


Rifle Action – Curtis Vector
Chassis – MDT ACC
Calibre – 6XC Barrel – IBI Barrel
Optics – Apex Rival 4-32×56

Alex Sherwood

Alex was born and raised in North Vancouver, and currently resides in the Greater Vancouver area.

His interest in shooting started when he was in the Canadian Forces with the British Columbia Regiment. He has been a professional Firefighter for a large municipality in the Vancouver area for 15 years.

His first PRS style match was a CRPS rimfire event in Kamloops 2018 and he has been hooked ever since.. He often says that “rimfire is super fun, but unforgiving”.

He shoots as many centerfire and rimfire PRS-style matches as he can in BC and Alberta.

He really enjoys getting new shooters out for the first time, and love seeing the smile on their face when they hit steel for the first time at distance. He’s always happy to introduce a new shooter to the sport, or to lend some gear out when they’re first starting out!



Prairie Gun Works “PGW” Coyote in 6.5 Creedmoor and 223 rem

Vudoo Gun Works Three 60 22LR


KRG Whiskey 3 Gen 6

KRG Whiskey 3 Competition


PRS: 6mm Creedmoor
ELR: 300 PRC


International Barrels for all centerfire rigs


Apex Optics Rival 4-32×56


IBI Brakes, Trigger Tech Diamond triggers

Alex’s Pro Tip:

Ask lots of questions and watch how the more experienced shooters set up and run stages (i.e. which bags they use and body position ect.) Put in lots of focused trigger time and practice with the equipment you plan on using for match day. Don’t solely rely on electronics for ballistic data as they can fail. Have your data written down as backup. Most importantly go out there and have fun!   

Andrij Sulypka

Andrij was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, and currently resides in Mississauga.

His “addiction” to firearms started over 10 years ago when he took to competitive paintball and got a small taste of the fun. Fast forward to 2016 when he finally made the leap to “the real deal”, and he started competitively shooting in 2019.

He shoots both centerfire and rimfire PRS matches, and has an unmatched passion for the sport that he passes onto experienced shooters and beginners alike.

Ryan Camino

Ryan originally got hooked shooting long range in about 2015.  He shot the wheels off a Remington .308.  In 2019 he met James, the other half of 10Fifty6 Precision. 

James convinced him to try one of these “NRL” matches, so he  bought a 6.5 Creedmoor Tikka and shot his first NRL Border War match.  He was instantly hooked!

Since then the gear and matches have grown exponentially.  In 2022 James and Ryan are shooting 2+ matches a month and loving every minute of it.  

The best part is taking new shooters out so they can experience this game.   The people are truly the best around and I’ve made so many great friends in this sport.  


Action – Bighorn Arms, Defiance and ARC

Chassis –  XLR Envy Pro

Barrels – Patriot Valley Arms Osprey

Optic – Apex Rival 4-32

Calibers – 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .223 Rem

Other – PVA Muzzle brakes, Tac52 bags, Ckyepod 

James Staub

In 2015 Ryan decided to attend his first match, a 2-day national match in South Dakota. He had to borrow a scope to put on his 20” Tikka CTR. He can still remember to this day everyone his squad as they were so helpful providing tips and equipment. After that match he started shooting local matches and in 2019 after linking up with Ryan, the other half of 10Fifty6 Precision, we started traveling for 2 day matches and competing in team events.


Equally as enjoyable as shooting is meeting other competitors and camping out the night before the match, sitting around a bonfire and socializing. In 2022, with the help of some amazing companies 10Fifty6 Precision put together a complete match rifle and ammo that is 100% donated. The goal of this project is to grow the sport. The rifle and ammo is offered up to anyone who would like to use it, at no cost. It is extremely rewarding to see the smiles of new shooters when they get done with a stage. James is extremely excited for the future and the continued growth of this sport!



Rifle/Action: Impact

Chassis: Manners TCS

Calibers: 223 REM, 6GT, 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor

Barrels: Patriot Valley Arms Osprey

Optics: Apex Optics Rival 4-32×56

Other: Trigger Tech Diamond, PVA JetBlast, ATS Tuner, MDT Cyke pod, Armageddon Schmedium