Apex Rival 4-32×56 Shipping Update

After an untold number of COVID19-related delays, we finally have the a limited number of the first PRODUCTION riflescopes in-hand. They’ve been looked over, visually inspected, and ran through our full QC process. They are now ready to be shipped to our extremely patient pre-order customers!

Apex Rival Riflescopes Ready to Ship to Customers!

Since we only received a small batch of units from our factory this time around, we’ll be sending them out by Order Number, so the earliest orders can get theirs first.

The full production batch of riflescopes will be here in a few weeks as well, so don’t fret, your order will be shipping as soon as those are fully inspected and certified to go out the door!

Please see below for the shipping schedule, based on your pre-order number.

740 through 795 – Shipping Friday, May 20th (payment card charged same day)

796 through 805 – Shipping Friday, May 20th (payment card charged same day)

806 through 899 – Shipping June 17th

900 onwards – Shipping June 22nd

For all orders shipping in June, the payment cards on file will be charged the week of May 31st.

If you need to update the card on file please let us know by Contacting Us and we’d be happy to give you a call to get that taken care of.

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