Apex Hunter ARD

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The Apex Hunter Anti-Reflective Device (ARD) is the perfect accompaniment for the Apex Hunter 3-15×44 precision hunting riflescope.

If concealment and light diffusion for hunting purposes is what you’re after, this ARD is what you need. Made from billet aluminum and Type III hard anodized, it’ll do the job over and over again.

ARD’s were typically used by military and law-enforcement to reduce the glare of their objective lens, but in recent years hunters and precision rifle shooters have adapted the ARD’s for their use as well.

Hunters, for example, will use ARD’s on the objective lens so as to not be have reflection from their scope spook animals while hunting wild game.

Precision rifle shooters have been using ARD’s in lieu of 3″ or 4″ sunshades, since it provides comparable, or improved in some cases, direct sunlight reduction while taking up significantly less space on the rifle platform.

PLEASE NOTE: This ARD fits onto the inside threads of the Hunter 3-15×44. The included Objective Lens Flip Caps for the Hunter also fit on the end of this ARD.


Overall Length – 82.1mm (3.2″)
Inserted Length – 78mm (3.1″)
Weight 64 grams (2.25 oz)

Made in Japan by Apex Optics



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